Newsmaker Interview: Linda Kloss, CEO of AHIMA

by Healthcare IT News

Over the past 15 years, what has been the most significant issue AHIMA has been able to influence?
 As I reflect on the past 15 years, I would cite four significant issue areas where AHIMA has been influential:  privacy and security policy and practice, strong contributions to standards for the electronic health record and personal health record,  getting the health information workforce issue on the national agenda, and a date certain for adoption of ICD-10 in the U.S.
What AHIMA accomplishment makes you proudest?
I am personally very proud of AHIMA’s role in helping to found the Certification Commission for Health IT.  Today it is an independent non- profit playing a very important role in advancing IT adoption. 
What has been the most significant change in health information management over the past 15 years?
HIM professionals are important contributors to successful transition from paper to electronic records and health information management.  Fifteen years ago many told me that EHRs would make the HIM field irrelevant.  It is now well understood that HIM is even more critical and the challenges of e-HIM are complex and important. The best is yet to come in this field.
What will be AHIMA’s most demanding challenge ahead?
As the scope of HIM practice has expanded, AHIMA’s 54,000 members have more diverse needs.  As a professional association, AHIMA is committed to providing learning resources and this is not getting easier.
What’s next for you?
I don’t know what’s next, but I look forward to figuring it out once the search for my successor is further along.  I certainly intend it to be in some aspect of health information management, my life’s work, but at a slower pace!   
What are you reading?
I just read Ram Charan’s Leadership in an era of Economic Uncertainty.  But for fun I just finished Russo’s That Old Cape Magic. I recommend both.

Editor Bernie Monegain interviewed Linda Kloss.