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December 17, 2014
Carl Natale

ICD-10 implementation: 5 reasons why project planning is important

I don't mean to scare you but there is a bit more to this ICD-10 transition than buying software and learning ICD-10 codes. The ICD-10 transition could affect every department in a healthcare...
August 12, 2014
Carl Natale

ICD-10 Project Planning: How to get started

If you haven't started planning your ICD-10 implementation by now, it's unlikely you're worried about the ICD-10 compliance deadline. Because who thinks this one will stick? But just in case you see...
May 20, 2014
Carl Natale

Four questions about ICD-10 implementation that still need answering

On Oct. 1, 2013, I marked the 12-month countdown to ICD-10 implementation by attempting to answer some basic questions. Now that more than six months have passed, physicians are still asking them?...
October 22, 2013
Carl Natale

Guest Post: Top communication tips for successful ICD-10-CM preparation

Lack of communication creates major inefficiencies in any project plan. ICD-10 is overwhelming enough in itself; to throw in another major kink like miscommunication can create serious issues....
October 01, 2013
Carl Natale

Oct.1, 2014: Four questions physicians are still asking a year from the ICD-10 deadline

One year from today, we will be using ICD-10-CM/PCS codes to classify medical diagnoses and procedures. Are you going to be ready? [Poll: Is your organization going to be ready to use ICD-10 codes on...
November 29, 2011
Carl Natale

ICD-10 Hurdles: What it's going to take to implement ICD-10 coding

A little while ago, someone asked me how long it would take to complete an ICD-10 project. I couldn't answer that. It depends is the short, unsatisfying answer. It depends on: The size of the...
October 25, 2011
Carl Natale

Checklist: 9 tasks that will get you ready for ICD-10 implementation

If you're trying to figure out how to start planning ICD-10 implementation, there are plenty of resources to help. Hugh Kelly rounded up the "The 5 ICD-10 tasks you should have done by now" for...