August 13, 2012
Carl Natale

ICD-101: Mental and behavioral diagnoses take advantage of greater granularity

Here's a round up of recent articles and posts on how to code diagnoses and procedures in ICD-10: Examining ICD-10-CM Codes for Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A look at the...
August 05, 2012
Carl Natale

ICD-101: Possible ICD-10 codes needed after a wild weekend

Welcome back to learning how to use the ICD-10 code sets. There are a couple lessons that could be very pertinent to those of you who had a wild weekend: Something Clark Griswold Never Thought About...
July 30, 2012
Carl Natale

ICD-101: How to make learning new codes fun

I need to thank Kristi Stanton and Michelle Leppert for making my job more interesting. A couple weeks ago I wrote about blogs that explained how to use the ICD-10 code sets. I noted that it could...