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September 08, 2015
Carl Natale

How to give ICD-10 training a turbo boost

In a few weeks, we will be using ICD-10 codes. There's a quick way to boost ICD-10 expertise and knowledge in that time.
April 22, 2015
Carl Natale

Why dual coding is the best ICD-10 strategy you will hate

If you're scrambling to meet the Oct. 1 ICD-10 compliance deadline, why would you want to start assigning ICD-10 codes before then?
April 21, 2015
Carl Natale

New ICD-10 Poll: When do you plan to start dual coding?

By coding medical claims with ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, medical coders can keep their knowledge fresh. But this means there has been training.
July 11, 2014
Carl Natale

CMS offers a little guidance on dual coding

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers a quick explanation of dual coding and how it may be used: Discussions of ICD-9 and ICD-10 often include mention of the terms dual...
April 16, 2014
Carl Natale

What to do about the ICD-10 delay

Now that medical practices have been legislated a reprieve from ICD-10 implementation, they need to decide what to do next. This is not a 12-month snooze button. There are steps they can take to help...
January 08, 2014
Carl Natale

What effect will dual coding have on medical coding productivity?

We have nine months left to get our healthcare organizations ready for ICD-10 coding. There are going to be a lot of decisions made. Dual coding needs to be on the list. This is when healthcare...
December 04, 2013
Carl Natale

How to assess the costs of dual coding

Dual coding probably is the best idea that many healthcare providers may not be able to afford. First, healthcare providers need to have the HIT systems that support ICD-10 codes. Hopefully the...
August 31, 2013
Carl Natale

Dual coding: Do you want to use CPT and ICD-10-PCS codes?

The only reason you will be required to used an ICD-10-PCS code is if you are coding an inpatient procedure at a hospital. All outpatient procedures will need to be coded using CPT coding. Physician...
May 13, 2013
Carl Natale

Dual Coding: Will medical practices be required to keep both code sets?

Dual coding is being discussed as an important tool for preparing a healthcare provider for the ICD-10 transition. Most dual coding plans require medical coders to code a medical record in ICD-9...
February 06, 2013
Carl Natale

Top 5 initiatives to make a successful ICD-10 transition

If you're finally planning for the ICD-10 implementation, there are timelines and checklists to guide you. But sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to find advice that will help create a...