March 02, 2016
Carl Natale

ICD-10 transition still looking smooth

We're getting more data but it's not any easier to assess how the ICD-10 transition is going.
February 16, 2016
Carl Natale

Why ICD-10 preparation did not end Oct. 1

Despite the "too-soon-to-tell" lens we're using to examine the effects of ICD-10 coding, I'm pretty sure the healthcare providers who invested in preparation are doing the best.
January 26, 2016
Carl Natale

Why we should keep ICD-10 coding moving forward

I know we're supposed to be aware of history so we're not doomed to repeat it. But we should also be aware of what's coming ahead.
January 17, 2016
Carl Natale

ICD-10 Transition: What was the big deal?

Last week we overheard Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt refer to the ICD-10 transition as, "the biggest event no one heard about."
January 12, 2016
Carl Natale

At some point, ICD-10 transition becomes ICD-10 development

Waiting to find out how the ICD-10 transition went is a bit like using the rear view mirror to drive a car. We need to keep our eyes on the road ahead.
January 05, 2016
Carl Natale

ICD-10 assessments still include a lot of unknowns

It seems like we're spending a lot of time trying to figure out what are the effects of ICD-10 implementation.
December 30, 2015
Carl Natale

Three ways ICD-10 coding will affect 2016

This is the time to do a year-in-review post. But the only event worth recapping was the adoption of ICD-10 coding Oct. 1. In the time since, we've constantly noted that there wasn't enough data to know if that was a good thing or not.
December 27, 2015
Carl Natale

ICD-10 metrics: Are we looking at the right indicators?

This week, I observed we didn't have enough data to judge whether the ICD-10 transition was successful or not. Basically we need more data to know that.
November 17, 2015
Carl Natale

How can you see the ICD-10 impact?

The biggest question since Oct. 1 is "How is the ICD-10 transition going?" The most common answer is "It's too soon to tell."
November 07, 2015
Carl Natale

While we wait for ICD-10 claims data, let's look at big data

We're still waiting to see how the ICD-10 transition will affect revenue cycles and productivity. There are initial reports but the conventional wisdom is that we need to wait to see trends emerge.