Why doctors should be glad there will be so many ICD-10 codes

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

It is a bit difficult to understand why there are so many activity codes in the ICD-10-CM code set. Does it really help to know if a patient was injured while running, skiing or playing basketball?

Combine that activity code with Z95.810 — Presence of automatic (implantable) cardiac defibrillator — and you have the kind of data that led researchers to conclude it’s safe to run, ski, and play basketball even if you have a defibrillator. According to the article, "Researchers followed 372 athletes with defibrillators for about two and a half years and found that none died while running, skiing or playing sports like basketball and soccer."

This means patients with defibrillators can resume athletic activities. They shouldn't have to worry that the devices won't work during strenuous activity.

It's useful information for patients that came from a lengthy study. If researchers could sift through ICD codes, they could find even more data to support medical theories and improve lives.