Week in Review: The debate is still going strong

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

It seems all you need to do to argue against ICD-10 coding is read a Wall Street Journal story.

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Opponents seem to love to cite the seemingly trivial diagnoses available to doctors. I tend to leave those arguments alone. It's becoming trite and unuseful. But then a doctor argues against ICD-10 coding based upon the following:

  • A comical list of injuries paired with an incorrect assumption about domestic violence
  • An incomplete investigation of how a diagnosis could be coded in ICD-10
  • A forecast of how healthcare payers could benefit from ICD-10 codes

The last point is pretty good. I'm just upset some pretty sloppy thinking went into its formation.

Thankfully better arguments are being made this week as we try to figure out the best way to handle the ICD-10 transition.

ICD is a System and Systems are Upgraded

Rhonda Butler emphasizes that ICD-9 is 33 years old and argues that ICD-10 haters need to update it. (3M Health Information Systems)

AMA Vows to Fight ICD-10

Barbara Aubry says its about the documentation. (3M Health Information Systems)

Tweet of the Week

"MU Stage 2 deadline is extended;HIPAA 5010 gets a grace period of another 90 days. Now focus is on ICD-10. Extension possible for this too?" (@Seshendrakiran)

4 debatable points on the delay of ICD-10

Steve Sisko, IT consultant and avid ICD-10 blogger, and Rob Tennant, senior policy advisor at the MGMA, to weigh in on the following points.

  1. The effect ICD-10 implementation will have on physician practices
  2. What the delay of 5010 says about ICD-10
  3. The United States would be behind the rest of the world if we delayed
  4. How more accurate coding will affect patient care

(Healthcare IT News)

5 tips for 11th hour HIPAA 5010 compliance

I know there's just a few weeks to deadline, but here are five tips to help you get there. (Government Health IT)

Medical Loss Ratio: CMS gives healthcare payers a break on ICD-10 costs

There's a change that lets healthcare payers offset some costs of the ICD-10 transition. (ICD10 Watch)

Maybe Meaningful Use won't mean meaningful savings

Hospitals are finding that the IT costs are a small part of the ICD-10 transition. (ICD10 Watch)

ICD-10 PlayBook: HIMSS adds VitalVendors to resources

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) updates their resources with the VitalWare tool to determine vendor readiness and more information. (ICD10 Watch)

It’s Here – ICD-10 PlayBook, v2

Don't let the title fool you. Yes, there is an announcement about updating the ICD-10 PlayBook. But the real value is the guest post "5010 – Ready or Not Here It Comes!" by Jackie Griffin. It lists the five most important changes in HIPAA 5010 that healthcare providers seem to be having trouble with. (HIMSS Blog)

Top 5 ICD-10 pitfalls

A panel of ICD-10 experts list five ways that the transition can hurt your organization after the transition. (Government Health IT)

ICD 10: The Road to Readiness

Bet you didn't know the ICD's history goes back to 1700s. (Mission Health)