Some hot ICD-10 codes for winter

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
Some hot ICD-10 codes for winter

Yes, winter is here. And with it comes some season-specific injuries. RT Welter identifies one very plausible use of ICD-10-CM coding:

  • S32.2XXA: Fracture of coccyx
  • W00.0XXA: Fall due to slipping on ice
  • Y93.H1XA: Shoveling snow
  • Y92.014: Place of occurrence, driveway

Even if a prolific plow industry suppresses the number of snow-shoveling injuries, there are many possible ICD-10 diagnoses that could be used this season.

Most winter activities that don't involve a snow show shovel can be found in the Y93.2 neighborhood. For example:

  • Y93.23: Snow (alpine) (downhill) skiing, snow boarding, sledding, tobogganing, and snowtubing
  • Y93.24: Cross country skiing

And X37.2 may be needed to document the presence of a blizzard (either snow or ice).  if it's extremely cold, warm up these two diagnoses:

  • T68: Hypothermia
  • X31: Exposure to excessive cold of natural origin

Even if patients manage to keep warm and safe inside, they still could suffer from a few more diagnoses:

  • F34.8: Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • R45.1: Cabin fever
  • E55.9: Vitamin D deficiency
  • X16.XXXA: Burned by electric blanket

This is a weekly feature that I use to highlight practical tips on how to use and understand ICD-10-CM/PCS codes. Please let me know of any other sources that I can include.