It's about time for an ICD-10 delay announcement

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

It looks like next week is when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will announce their proposals for a new ICD-10 timeline.

Which should mean they will publish it in the Federal Register and take public comment for 60 days. Then they will consider the feedback and issue a final rule. Who knows when that will be.

Which will be great fun for me. Seriously. There will be lots to write about. There will be the process, analysis of the proposals and all the public comments. Brace yourself for the onslaught and tune in here for complete coverage.

In the mean time, here's what you need to know to keep up with the arguments about to be published:

Paper makes strong arguments supporting the ICD-10 implementation delay

Five serious healthcare information managers have a strong argument for how the ICD-10 implementation delay should be handled. (ICD10 Watch)

Why We Can’t Skip ICD-10 and Go Straight to ICD-11

Rhonda Butler argues that we can’t skip ICD-10 implementation to adopt the ICD-11 code set because we’re too slow:

“To drag this lumbering, squabbling bunch of groups that form the U.S. healthcare system to undertake a change of this magnitude takes time. We can’t skip ICD-10 because we have already spent 19 years getting this close to implementing ICD-10.”

Yes, ICD-11 should rock and make ICD-10 codes look as antiquated as ICD-9 codes. So let’s start planning that transition now so we don’t need to take as long to come up with an ICD-11-CM/PCS. (3M Health Information Systems)

ICD-10 Timeline: An extension can help and hurt healthcare organizations

I talked to Keith Fulmer at Kforce about what the delay and the delay in the delay means for different healthcare providers. (ICD10 Watch)

ICD-10 essentials for busy physicians who would rather be doing something else — Diabetes and CHF

Rhonda Butler explains how ICD-10 coding makes it easier to code diabetes and chronic heart failure diagnoses. (PhysBizTech)

Clinical Documentation – The Make or Break Component of ICD-10

Priya Patel explains the importance of clinical documentation to the ICD-10 transition process and the medical practice as a whole. (Perficient Healthcare IT Solutions Blog)

Clinical Documentation Improvement: Why it's needed before ICD-10 implementation

Just a quick roundup of some discussions of CDI. Look for a bit of a deeper dive into the subject next week. (ICD10 Watch)

Subsequent Encounters: Revisiting a common misconception in ICD-10 codes

I take another stab at explaining the "subsequent encounters" term in the ICD-10 codes. (ICD10 Watch)

ICD-10 upgrade: what to expect from vendors

Brad Boyd explains that healthcare organizations will not be able to simply turn over their ICD-10 transition projects to vendors. They need to manage the process – starting with an impact assessment. (PhysBizTech)

Now Is Not the Time to Delay Your ICD-10 Preparation

Brad Boyd adds his voice to the chorus singing the praises of working toward ICD-10 like there is no delay. (From the Consultant’s Corner)

Why Accurate Clinical Documentation Makes all the Difference

Lorraine Schnelle explains that clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is going to help a hospital no matter what the CMS decides to do about the ICD-10 deadline. (The BridgeBlog)

Making the Grade: How Payers Are Handling the 5010 Implementation

Ken Bradley sees the problems with medical claim rejections since HIPAA 5010 compliance as communications problems. Healthcare payers aren’t communicating what they need in the situational fields of a medical claim. (Daily Practice Blog)

The Different ICD-10 Delay Scenarios

Dave Biel explains there’s a big difference between what a healthcare organization needs to do if CMS delays the ICD-10 implementation deadline one year or two years. But no matter what, if they haven’t started they need to do their impact assessment now. (Healthcare Informatics)

Press Release Watch

  • Cognosante Teams With 3M on ICD-10 Services – MarketWatch: Cognosante, a leading provider of IT services to healthcare organizations, announced its partnership with 3M Health Information Systems to provide the 3M ICD-10 Code Translation Tool (CTT) to state-sponsored health plans, including Medicaid agencies.

Most CIOs Support ICD-10 Delay

Interesting survey of hosptial CIOs that show they’re happy with an impending delay in the ICD-10 implementation deadline. They plan to keep up their efforts and use the extra breathing room to get the project done right. (

The true costs of ICD-10: Keeping the transition train moving

There was a live chat Wednesday regarding ICD-10 implementation. The key takeaways were that procrastination will be problematic because testing might not go so smoothly and it will be difficult finding outside resources at the last minute. (SearchHealthIT)