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How to strengthen ICD-10 implementation

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
How to strengthen ICD-10 implementation

There is always room for improvement. And healthcare providers can improve their coding productivity and revenue cycles.

Often gains can be found in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) initiatives, according to Mel Tully of Nuance. There are two ways healthcare providers can overcome deficiencies:

  1. Continue to educate staff. This includes training sessions and practical exercises.
  2. Let the medical coders help identify where documentation needs improvement.

This is also a good time to start looking for ways to use the data gathered from ICD-10 codes. For example, Tully suggested looking at complications involving diabetes. The data could support a specialist that could educate staff and patients about diabetic risk factors and lead to healthier outcomes.

It certainly looks like ICD-10 education is just as important now as before Oct. 1:

  • Assess how medical coders are doing with the ICD-10 claims and schedule training as needed.
  • Physicians need to keep working with clinical documentation specialists to make sure they capture the correct details for ICD-10 codes.

The more proficient everyone gets, productivity should rise and confusion should fall.