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How to spot a rockstar medical coder in your medical practice

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
How to spot a rockstar medical coder in your medical practice

Medical coders don't seem to live a rock-n-roll lifestyle. They seem pretty quiet. Their clothes aren't very Spandexy. And most of them are quiet.

But they're there. Making sure your medical practice is bringing in money. Assuring compliance. Dealing with bureaucratic red tape.

OK, maybe not all of them. Some may be coasting. So how do you tell? Well the AAPC has listed the five characteristics of rockstar medical coders. It seems like a pretty good list of traits that make medical coders an essential part of healthcare:


Rockstar medical coders are constantly learning coding updates, revised insurance guidelines and changing healthcare regulations. They're participating in webinars, conferences and seminars. Not to mention reading industry newsletters and blogs.


Rockstar medical coders know where to find the coding guidance and how to apply it to make the correct coding selections.

"Critical thinker"

Rockstar medical coders are analyzing clinical documentation to select what can be translated into medical codes. They are identifying the proper assignments for diagnoses and services.

"Detail oriented"

Rockstar medical coders are picking out relevant details in clinical documentation. They don't miss the important details.


Rockstar medical coders have excellent organizational skills. Such structure allows them to work with precision and efficiency.

Just as important as finding rockstar medical coders is what you do with them. How do you reward your rockstars?