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How much value does ICD-10 data have?

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
How much value does ICD-10 data have?

At the end of September, I noted that the ICD-10 transition was mild compared to dire predictions but physician skepticism remained strong.

Joseph Conn writing for Modern Healthcare found agreement on a smooth ICD-10 transition but found little evidence that ICD-10 granularity has created benefits.

Sure it can be argued that we've only used ICD-10 coding for a year. Significant study takes time. Rhonda Buckholtz, vice president of strategic development at AAPC, told Conn that improvements should be another year or two.

But Dr. Charles Van Duyne, the CMIO of USMD Health System, Irving, Texas, is a bit more skeptical for a couple reasons:

  • The data is valuable only if the ICD-10 code is correct.
  • The important data isn't always in diagnosis or procedure codes. 

Maybe the data has value but some healthcare professionals aren't it equals the cost of the ICD-10 transition.