Football season is an opportunity to use a wide range of ICD-10 codes

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
Football season is an opportunity to use a wide range of ICD-10 codes

The NFL is really getting exciting. Teams are in crucial games that can determine whether they make the playoffs or not.

NCAA football is just as nerve wracking. And we're heading into a festival of football this weekend — which starts Thursday thanks to Thanksgiving (more on that later this week).

Whichever team you follow, let's hope none of these injuries need to be used:

  • S83.511A- Sprain of anterior cruciate ligament of right knee (initial encounter)
  • S83.411A- Sprain of medial collateral ligament of right knee (initial encounter)
  • S83.231A- Complex tear of medial meniscus, current injury (initial encounter)

Unfortunately, injuries are not restricted to professional or college athletes. Some of your regular patients might be needing these ICD-10 codes:

  • W21.01- Struck by football (Didn't your mother tell you not to throw that in the house?)
  • Y04.0- Assault by unarmed brawl or fight (Sometimes football rivalries get out of hand.)
  • F3481- Disruptive mood dysregulation (Someone obviously doesn't believe it's only a game.)
  • Y93.62- Activity, American flag or touch football (Just because they're not supposed to tackle doesn't mean no one is going to get hurt.)

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