Celebrate these ICD-10 codes on Valentine's Day

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
Celebrate these ICD-10 codes on Valentine's Day

We're supposed to be celebrating love on Valentine's Day but it's a day of danger. So brush up on these ICD-10 coding scenarios:

Cupid's arrow strikes the patient's heart

  • W45 — Foreign Body or Object Entering Through Skin
  • W21.89xA – Struck by arrow, initial encounter
  • S26.99xA – Other injury of heart, initial encounter
  • R00.2 — Palpitations
  • R06.4 — Hyperventilation
  • R61 — Hyperhidrosis

Some people may be tempted to get to a man's heart through his stomach:

  • R73.9 Hyperglycemia, Unspecified (Which is sweeter? Love or a box of chocolates?)
  • X10.1XXS, contact with hot food (Fondue)
  • T61.8X1A, toxic effect of other seafood (Oysters may be an aphrodisiac but a trip to the emergency department isn't)
  • Y92.511, restaurant or cafe as the place of occurrence

And it can get even worse:

  • I51.81 – Takotsubo syndrome (aka “Broken heart syndrome”)
  • Z63.0 —problems in relationship with spouse or partner
  • R45.83 — Excessive Crying
  • F33 — Recurrent Depressive Disorder (The winter blues?)


This is a weekly feature that I use to highlight practical tips on how to use and understand ICD-10-CM/PCS codes. Please let me know of any other sources that I can include.