November 14, 2016
Carl Natale

X marks the ICD-10 placeholder

The number of characters signifying an ICD-10 diagnosis varies. For example, when coding for ophthalmic complications from diabetes, there will be seven characters. But not all of them mean something.
November 13, 2016
Carl Natale

ICD-10 diagnoses that may be needed after the election

Many people on both sides of the election are glad that it's over. But medical coders may have noticed some diagnoses that have risen in the closing days.
November 12, 2016
Carl Natale

ICD-10 specificity may not be a documentation problem

There may be a tendency to blame a lack of specificity in ICD-10 coding on clinical documentation. After all it's mostly physicians who complain about the documentation burden. So they must be failing to capture enough detail to assign a specific ICD-10 code.
November 09, 2016
Carl Natale

Clinical documentation isn't an ICD-10 glitch; it's a feature

There is opportunity here to improve patient and revenue health with better clinical documentation.
November 08, 2016
Carl Natale

Why ICD-10 codes keep expanding

It's been just a bit more than a month since the ICD-10-CM data set got thousands of more diagnosis codes, so it seems like a bad time to raise the possibility that it needs more.
November 06, 2016
Carl Natale

Has ICD-10 coding improved healthcare or healthcare delivery?

After more than one year of ICD-10 coding, many sources are citing a relatively minor drop in medical office productivity. So it probably isn't a big deal.
November 05, 2016
Carl Natale

A concussions study could tell us a lot about ICD-10 data

Researchers are launching a concussion surveillance project in Texas youth sports. It will aim to track "data including the age, sport, sex and other variables related to each reported concussion suffered by athletes in grades 7-12 participating in organized public school sports."
November 02, 2016
Carl Natale

Are we in denial about ICD-10 specificity and updates?

It's only been a month since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required more specificity in Medicare Part B claims and released thousands of new ICD-10 codes into the wild.
November 01, 2016
Carl Natale

We now resume your regularly scheduled ICD-10 training

Hopefully you have some candy left and get a proper sugar high going to ingest some ICD-10 lessons.
October 31, 2016
Carl Natale

How scary can ICD-10 codes be?

Happy Halloween. It's time for a roundup of ICD-10 codes that may or may not be needed as a result of trick-or-treating or spooky encounters.