AHIMA's Top 10 ICD-10 documentation problems

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

The new code sets promise challenges across the spectrum of uses and users, coding documentation being no exception.

“Some documentation issues will require physicians to capture new information; others involve updated, modified, and otherwise expanded documentation needs,” AHIMA explains.

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Citing a list presented at its ICD-10 Summit by 3M Health Information Systems senior consultant Donna Smith, AHIMA shares the 10 top problem areas.

1. Diabetes mellitus
2. Injuries
3. Drug underdosing
4. Cerebral infarctions
5. AMI
6. Neoplasms
7. Musculoskeletal conditions
8. Pregnancy
9. Respiratory/vents
10. ICD-10-PCS—“the whole book”

“HIM departments will need to start training their physicians to improve documentation now,” AHIMA writes in its article. “The training required to master documentation improvements will take time.”