March 19, 2014
Carl Natale

Why you should resist the temptation of ICD-10 translation tools

Grab a photograph. Any photo. Then take it to a photocopier, and copy it. Call that copy an ICD-9 code. Then take that copy (the one called "ICD-9 code") and copy it on the same photocopier. That...
March 15, 2014
Carl Natale

Study shows the wrong way to convert ICD-10 codes

The University of Illinois has released the misunderstood study of the year. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard to beat the rest of the year. [Study: Identifying Clinically Disruptive...
January 07, 2014
Carl Natale

ICD-10 Issue: How do you customize mappings?

Granted the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) only announced its ICD-10 Issue Reporting System mere days before Christmas. So it is understandable that not a lot of healthcare...
May 07, 2013
Carl Natale

Study shows how 'convoluted' ICD-10 transition can get

How complicated the ICD-10 transition will be for your medical practice or hospital will depend on your specialty and case load. A paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics...
March 05, 2012
Carl Natale

Federal government releases SNOMED to ICD-10 map

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) released a preview version of a SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM map. The maps are designed to automatically generate ICD-10-CM codes from clinical data entered into...
October 25, 2011
Carl Natale

HLI adds claim analytics to ICD-10 mapping tool

Health Language, Inc. (HLI), announced it is adding a claims analytics module to its LEAP I-10 tool. LEAP I-10 is HLI's ICD-10 mapping tool built for n0n-IT users. The claims analytics module is...
July 06, 2011
Carl Natale

ICD-10 Training: The good news is that mappings can help

When it comes to planning ICD-10 implementation, there is good news and bad news. While the bad news is really bad, the good news is going to ease the pain quite a bit. There is no direct...