Why you should stop reading this and watch where you're walking

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

A couple weeks ago we looked at the diagnosis code for someone who falls onto subway tracks. Specifically it was the contest scenario of a man texting and walking off a subway platform.

And that would be:

"Y93.C2 Activity, hand held interactive electronic device"

And for all the claims of specificity in ICD-10-CM, that doesn't seem all that specific. That seems kind of vague. But let's celebrate that for now.

Because that means we can start collecting data on how many accidents happen when people are texting, calling, checking email or playing games with their phones or whatever the next great mobile device is.

Julia Palmer and Sue Belley do a pretty good job of explaining why we need to count accidents caused by distracted phone users. Basically we don't know if it's a problem unless we can count the cases. And then maybe use the data to find solutions.

It makes the medical coders' jobs sound like there's more than filling out medical claims.

One last thing. Here's  a unique way to look at drug coding:

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