Week in Review: It's good to be a medical coder

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale

If you know medical coder who doesn't feel good about about his or her job, they aren't reading this blog.

First, I interview an ICD-10 consultant about the future of medical coding. Kristi Stanton used phrases like "boatloads of opportunity." Then the AAPC released a survey of  how medical coders were doing. Basically they said they get paid well, are well educated and employed. Not too shabby.

But if medical coders want to stay on top of their game, make sure they know about these developments concerning ICD-10 preparation.

Why it's not too late to start ICD-10 preparations

Just to be clear: If you haven't started preparing for ICD-10 implementation, you can still have time to make the Oct. 1, 2013 deadline. But start soon. Like now. (ICD-10 Watch)

HIPAA 5010: 6 tips to help make sure claims are 5010 compliant

Six very specific tips that will help you be HIPAA 5010 compliant. (ICD-10 Watch)

Margins in Jeopardy as 5010, ICD-10 Deadlines Loom

I'm not a fan of doom, gloom and panic but healthcare professionals need to understand the risks of a poorly planned HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 implementation. (HealthLeaders Media)

ICD-10: Here Comes Trouble

Slideshow (why they felt the need to do it this way I will never understand) of 10 things about ICD-10 implementation that worry healthcare professionals. (Health Data Management)

Choose Your Project Manager Wisely

It's been said that ICD-10 implementation is a project management problem. So you need to pick the right project manager for the best transition. (3M Health Information Systems)

Tweet of the Week

"ICD-10 Code of the Day: 726.5, Overuse Syndrome of Pelvis. What I wouldn't give to put that on a pt's disability report..." (@DrAlice)

ICD-10 Provider Office Changes

This infographic created by the AAPC was used on a pretty weak blog post about ICD-10 implementaiton. But the information and presentation are good enough to highlight. It will help you understand how each part of a medical practice will have to work with ICD-10 codes.  (AAPC)

ICD-10-CM: What About the Payers?

Basically the payers have been hard at work on the ICD-10 implementation. A lot of the work involves mapping so they can decide which codes will be accepted. (AAPC News)

CMS Remains Committed to Providing Additional Resources to Help States Get Ready

Representatives from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) explain some issues with HIPAA 5010. (HIMSS Blog)

Tweet of the Week (Subsequent Encounter)

"Lot’s of tweets on new CMS “ICD-10 Handbooks” – These are recipes: you’ll still need a Chef, Sous Chefs, Servers & Dishwashers. #ICD10"(@ShimCode)

ICD-10-CM/PCS is not case sensitive

Rhonda Butler makes it clear that ICD-10 codes are NOT case sensitive. (3M Health Information Systems)

ICD-10 – Tick Tock on Radiology’s Clock

Decent introduction to starting your ICD-10 implementation planning. (Everything Rad)

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