How ICD-10 coding audits can improve revenue

Carl Natale
by Carl Natale
How ICD-10 coding audits can improve revenue


If medical practices want to prepare for the Oct. 1 ICD-10 updates and increasing specificity requirements from healthcare payers, they need to start auditing ICD-10 coding.

Comprehensive, continuous auditing can highlight where each medical coder needs help. Samantha Champagnie writes quite thoroughly about why healthcare providers need to constantly monitor medical coding accuracy. This enables medical practices to offer ongoing education and feedback.

This can lead to improved coding accuracy and a smoother transition to more specific coding — assuming clinical documentation is up to the task.

While this can be a significant investment in resources — time and money — Champagnie connects it to improving revenue. "Ongoing training and audits can help make the next ICD-10 evolution less burdensome and even positively impact organizations bottom lines," she writes.