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  ICD10 Watch
by Carl Natale

ChartWise adds ICD-10 codes to its clinical documentation software

Software company ChartWise Medical Systems announced that its flagship product, ChartWise:CDI, includes support for ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes.

[Press Release: ChartWise Medical Systems introduces ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk functionality]

ChartWise:CDI translates clinical language into the diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement.

The medical software company says adding ICD-10 coding allows medical coders to see how the ICD-9 codes they use now will be translated into ICD-10 codes. This will help documentation specialists become more comfortable with the new coding system.  It also can help clinical documentation specialists determine if the documentation is adequate to properly code diagnoses and procedures after Oct. 1, 2103. After the implementation deadline, ChartWise:CDI will crosswalk the ICD-10 codes back to the ICD-9 version.

ChartWise isn't just selling crosswalks or mapping tools. They say their computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement software is designed to analyze the language used by physicians to assign a medical code. The software also helps query physicians to get more information when it's needed to create accurate medical codes.


It is great update in medical

It is great update in medical file... It will help many people...

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How is this possible until

How is this possible until you have upgraded your existing documentation? Without upgraded documentation, this seems as useful as a cross-walking tool.
Cross-walking with a GEMS-like tool is handy, but is free and easily obtained. In addition to natively calculating the appropriate ICD-10, this type of tool should also suggest accounts where improved documentation could lead to higher reimbursed accounts.

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