Recent Podcasts

Podcast: On the advent of a master data management ICD-10 appliance

HighPoint Solutions this week released the ICD-10 appliance that we previously reported on in this exclusive. Now, ICD10Watch editor Tom Sullivan speaks with Pamela Ruebelmann, vice president of healthcare at HighPoint Solutions to discuss the vendor’s realization that it should treat ICD-10 under the master data management umbrella, and how that thinking resulted in such a software-hardware combination.

Podcast: The AAPC's 'ICD-10 Changes Everything' campaign

Rhonda Buckholtz, vice president of business and member development at the American Academy of Professional Coders speaks with ICD10Watch editor Tom Sullivan about the AAPC’s new "ICD-10 Changes Everything" initiative, her recommendations for preparing, and a contingency plan.  

Podcast: On coder shortages and other ICD-10 challenges

ICD10Watch editor Tom Sullivan talks with Cortnie Simmons, the recently-appointed director of ICD-10 program management and compliance at Precyse Solutions about the issues healthcare organizations face, particularly regarding a potential dearth of coders,  and handling what is destined to become historical ICD-9 data once the October 1, 2013 compliance day comes.


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