ICD-10 Analytics: Keeping your eye on your KPIs
Carl Natale
A lot of metrics are going to change come Oct., 1— ICD-10 Day — and they will likely affect a hospital’s entire revenue cycle for a while.
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Why aren't healthcare providers volunteering for ICD-10 testing?

The combination of not being selected for Round 1 (we are a reasonably large provider but our clearinghouse was not selected for our state/MAC) as well as the limitation of 50 claims MAX makes the effort of both collecting, future dating and sorting through the various hospital/clinic/home care locations we represent to find robust claims to test with beyond reasonable. We are limited by our clearinghouse acceptance and do not have a way around that since we do not direct submit. We have already participated in acknowledgement testing with Medicare and unfortunately feel like we will not get beyond ...

Why aren't healthcare providers volunteering for ICD-10 testing?

I would venture to say that some organizations have not volunteered for testing because a good number do NOT submit directly to Medicare. In addition, the ability to use only 10 HICNs greatly limits the real data one may have available for the end to end test. At our health system we have to mock up a portion of the claims data in order to submit up to 5 claims for each HICN. Not a great approach but it is the best we are able to do given the restrictions. It is making us seriously consider whether or not we will

Why aren't healthcare providers volunteering for ICD-10 testing?

Wanted to volunteer, but our system cannot create future dated services/claims (which makes sense). Too much work to manually edit the 837's...

How to prepare for ICD-10 testing

During the production process, the appropriate methods on how to produce the product should be followed to achieve the desired quality specification. There are different factors to consider in order to achieved the desired quality. Inspection In Bangladesh Hot Offer

Why aren't healthcare providers volunteering for ICD-10 testing?

Carl, one reason why providers might not be signing up for round 2 of this testing is that round 1 has not yet occurred! We don't know what this first round of testing might show, so why sign up for round 2?


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