Both sides of the ICD-10 debate keep it interesting
Carl Natale
Vigorous opposition to ICD-10 implementation is turning to guerrilla warfare.
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Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And you might want to be careful. Read More

Battle of the ICD-10 cost estimates
While healthcare professionals try to understand how much ICD-10 implementation will cost, Nachimson Advisors defends how it calculated ICD-10 costs. Read More

How an ICD-10 code can save healthcare
I have this theory that the right financial incentive can turn the American Medical Association's (AMA) vigorous opposition around. Read More

Why your ICD-10 budget needs a checkup
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How to cut ICD-10 transition costs

Physicians should be very wary of using the AHIMA article as a guide. It leaves out several steps, including assessment and testing, critical to implementation. The Nachimson Advisors rebuttal to the AHIMA article can be seen at and several other articles.

How to tell if ICD-10 implementation will be delayed again

In 1979, when hospitals started using CDC's ICD-9-CM, the AHA lost out on selling their coding book (used by 50% of the hospitals); so the CDC let the AHA start Coding Clinic to answer coding questions. Coding Clinic refuses to answer physician documentation questions; so, if the 4 cooperating parties would include the AMA as the 5th cooperating party to define clinical entities and answer documentation (not coding) questions with a publication like Documentation Clinic, everyone wins!

How to tell if ICD-10 implementation will be delayed again

If the Medicare were smart, it would implement ICD-10-PCS in 2015. Since PCS is not for physician use, only hospital use for in patient procedures, the AMA should have no objections to that.

How to tell if ICD-10 implementation will be delayed again

I hope that AHIMA monitors this. AMA's other fear is that ICD 10 will replace the AMA owned and copyrighted CPT Codes...

Poll: What is your biggest concern about the ICD-10 transition?

My biggest concern is what impact this will have when delays in payments or denials occur from errors in coding or delay in readiness with exchanges and insurance company's and how this will trickle down to the industry, its employees and patients. We are already seeing small practices being bought out or adsorbed by big clinics and hospital owed company's. I see this could go both ways. One way could be losing the one on one of a "family Doctor" practice to a more "Health Department" look or commercialization of the industry. On the other hand, we can see it as ...


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