Laughing ourselves all the way to another ICD-10 delay
Carl Natale
I'm not a fan of the "zany" ICD-10 jokes because they're a way for ICD-10 opponents to belittle the code set without raising real concerns.
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Alleviating ICD-10 concerns
In my last article on ICD10 Watch, I discussed the idea of continuing the implementation of ICD-10-ready documentation systems. Read More

ICD-10 training entails more than learning ICD-10 codes
I hope you're getting some valuable information on how ICD-10 codes are organized through this series. Hopefully you're doing more. Read More

Is the ICD-10 transition is going to hurt physicians more than vendors?
It's fair to wonder if the federal government is going to postpone ICD-10 implementation again. Considering the history of ICD-10 delays, it's not hard to imagine another one. Read More

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Alleviating ICD-10 concerns

Well explained.Every entity in healthcare space sees the benefits of ICD-10, but generally small physician and doctor office always struggle with their budgets to implements new technology. In this case big players like Hospitals and Payers have the budget to implement it and they have already implemented it or their vendor software is ready to take care of this.Industry is worried about changes going on and on healthcare but final burden goes on patient like you and me. Does ICD-10 reduces the administrative codes, answer is no , further it will increase the cost of care in initial few years. Be ...

AHIMA gives Capitol Hill some good arguments for ICD-10 implementation

I am still waiting to see the code for: eyes rolled back in sockets permanently d/t severe mental strain on seeing so many absurd and hilarious ICD10 codes.

ICD-10 Planning: It's deja vu all over again

Why won't they implement i10 in phases? If ICD-10-PCS were implemented in 2015, it would not affect physicians (PCS is for facilities and only for inpatient procedures) and would get the ball rolling.

ICD-10 Planning: It's deja vu all over again

Or is is Vujà Dé? “You’ve never been here before and neither have I?”

More ICD-10 codes that aren't as funny as you think

Ha! How did I know you'd pick up on my post Carl? :) And I suppose I may have to stand corrected on the "sucked into a jet engine" code? Defensive On: Candidates for jet engine mishaps should generally be aware/careful when near huge machines/engines, are most likely adult males and probably doesn't happen very often - unlike child/infant drownings. Defensive Off. Regardless,thanks for the mention.


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