How ICD-10 preparation is working for non-covered entities
Carl Natale
Not every healthcare organization is required to comply with the federal mandate for ICD-10 implementation. Insurers such as workers' compensation and auto insurers are not covered.
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ICD-10 absurdity is something you can count on

The only absurdity is an argument against ICD-10 based on absurd codes. One point that many ICD-10 detractors miss is that ICD-9 has many absurd codes that have been carried forward into ICD-10. "Injured by spacecraft" has been in the ICD-9 code set for some time. So those who make fun of ICD-10 and point out absurdities would be well advised to study ICD-9 first. The transition to ICD-10 is about codes that matter and that help improve the quality of care and provide an impetus to improve clinical documentation. #ICD10

What is AHIMA going to do with ICD-10 Matters?

"This isn't the most interesting video you will watch..." Thanks Carl, next time I'l have to spice it up just for you ;-)

WHO offers free ICD-10 training

Have you heard if they will be updating the training module? There are many differences between the ICD-10 draft code book I have,and the codes in the training module- which makes it very difficult.

ICD-10 National Pilot Program ready to take off

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How can you tell your healthcare vendors will be ready for Oct. 1, 2015?

Carl here is the problem with a set of questions - this requires every provider to ask the same set of questions to every vendor; placing burdens on both the providers and the vendors. It is time that we had a "clearinghouse" of vendor information that would be contributed to by the vendors and accessed by providers. VitalVendors VitalVendors, part of the HIMSS ICD-10 PlayBook, is a free real-time report card allowing vendors affected by ICD-10 to self-report their readiness for achieving ICD-10 compliance by October 1, 2015. To assist the providers, VitalWare has developed a survey that identifies


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