ICD-10 questions that still need answers
Carl Natale
Last year on this date, we were one year away from ICD-10 implementation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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AHIMA gives Capitol Hill some good arguments for ICD-10 implementation

I am still waiting to see the code for: eyes rolled back in sockets permanently d/t severe mental strain on seeing so many absurd and hilarious ICD10 codes.

ICD-10 Planning: It's deja vu all over again

Why won't they implement i10 in phases? If ICD-10-PCS were implemented in 2015, it would not affect physicians (PCS is for facilities and only for inpatient procedures) and would get the ball rolling.

ICD-10 Planning: It's deja vu all over again

Or is is Vujà Dé? “You’ve never been here before and neither have I?”

More ICD-10 codes that aren't as funny as you think

Ha! How did I know you'd pick up on my post Carl? :) And I suppose I may have to stand corrected on the "sucked into a jet engine" code? Defensive On: Candidates for jet engine mishaps should generally be aware/careful when near huge machines/engines, are most likely adult males and probably doesn't happen very often - unlike child/infant drownings. Defensive Off. Regardless,thanks for the mention.

How to get started with ICD-10 testing

Carl, Thanks for these helpful tips on testing. And glad that you reiterated the need for real cases and real codes.


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