How to get started with ICD-10 testing
Carl Natale
It may seem a bit too early to start testing your systems for ICD-10 compatibility. But when do you want to try and solve any problems that testing may reveal?
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How to make medical coding at home work

I read that Post and got it fine and informative.

ICD-10 Testing: Final rule overshadows CMS testing plans

Well, that's kind of disheartening that Dr. Parmar is so brazenly set against utilizing ICD-10 in a meaningful way. So he's going to just code as generally as possible and hope it sticks in terms of reimbursement? Obviously, there is very little chance that anyone will come to him with any injuries sustained by downed spacecraft, but I would hope that if a patient came to him with an injury that was outside his typical encounters, he wouldn't blow off his responsibilities. If every doctor thought this way, what would be the point?

Don't Shoot! ICD-10 is just the messenger

Haha! I read that excerpt and smiled. Thanks!

ICD-10 absurdity is something you can count on

The only absurdity is an argument against ICD-10 based on absurd codes. One point that many ICD-10 detractors miss is that ICD-9 has many absurd codes that have been carried forward into ICD-10. "Injured by spacecraft" has been in the ICD-9 code set for some time. So those who make fun of ICD-10 and point out absurdities would be well advised to study ICD-9 first. The transition to ICD-10 is about codes that matter and that help improve the quality of care and provide an impetus to improve clinical documentation. #ICD10

What is AHIMA going to do with ICD-10 Matters?

"This isn't the most interesting video you will watch..." Thanks Carl, next time I'l have to spice it up just for you ;-)


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